One of my interest is that i like to watch movies and one of the movie i watched this year was the successful Avenger Endgame,To me when i first watched it blew me away.The scenes were impactful and exciting to me.For me,this movie was the perfect ending to the last 10 years.The ending was bittersweet and perfectly set up future MCU movies.Even though it may have minor flaws.To me it is my favourite movie by far. I rate this movie 9/10


I am a book person.To me nothing beats a book on a rainy day.To me my favourite book series is the Harry Potter books by the renowned author J.K Rowling. The books to me was magical.It transported me into the world the characters were living in.I empathize with the main character harry and his two closest friends ron and hermione.It was satisfying to watch them grow as a person and deal with problems that i could associate with.i felt that i was growing with them and to any new readers i would strongly recommend this book series.